Noise at Work

Have you recently changed the way you and your employees work?  Ask us to make and update your Noise at Work assessment.

Our service includes a factory noise survey and facility noise map.   In some cases a full dosimetry study will be supplied.  Occupational noise exposure will be estimated according to BS EN ISO 9612:2009 to identify the risk from noise exposure and the workers likely to be affected. A comparison with the noise exposure action values and limit values will be made and an action plan provided identifying what is required to comply with the law. Hearing protection zones will be designated, if necessary, and you will be advised on the correct hearing protection to use.  Investigative measurements of plant and noise mitigation requirements can also be provided.

The output of our study can be used as part of your risk assessment to comply with the Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005 and you will be guided through the further steps required to meet the regulations.

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