#Clapforourcarers #UKClapometer 02-04-2020

Let's record our appreciation for our Carers on the #UKClapometer

Every Thursday at 8pm we're being urged to #Clapforourcarers, a united round of applause across the country for those working tirelessly to save lives and keep our world turning.

Acoustic consultants will have noticed a spike in the levels on their noise monitors last week at 8pm, and as 2020 is the International Year of Sound (#IYS2020) I thought it would be appropriate to try to capture this amazing phenomenon.

With your participation, this page will attempt to get enough data so that we can present a reasonably interesting visualisation, a UK Clap-o-meter.

This will only work if enough people from all over the country can join in!

How you can participate:

Acoustic consultants - on Thursday evening please select a suitable location (observing social distancing) and using suitable calibrated kit measure a 5-minute LAeq of background and a 1-minute LAeq of clapping. If you can, please also measure the LAFmax.

Note the start times of each measurement and submit the data using the form below.

Smartphone users - on Thursday evening use a sound level meter App on your smartphone to take a reading of the A-weighted sound pressure level (dBA) preferably before the clapping starts and also during the clapping.  If the app allows you to average over time, then use a time period of 1-minute, otherwise, just take an eye-ball average of the noise level.  While measuring keep the smartphone away from direct clapping.

When you're done, please send the data using the forms below.

Most importantly don't forget to clap yourself!

Send us your measurement

02/04/2020 - many thanks to staff at Campbell Associates, PC Environmental, IAC Acoustics and Svantek for providing noise data